Briefly about Tuomas

Our Head of Coaching, Tuomas Pulkkinen, has been a real long-term Floorball Nerd already before joining the Floorball Nerds family. As a continuation of his long playing career, the man has already gathered nine years of experience as a floorball coach. 

Since 2015, Tuomas has served as a head of coaching for one of the biggest clubs in Finland, O2-Jyväskylä, which has over 1000 members.

Tuomas is both experienced and highly educated. He graduated from University of Jyväskylä in spring 2020, as a Master of Sports Science, coaching and testing as his majors.

Not many floorball coaches have as strong expertise as Tuomas, whose professional skills combine a long experience with a deep scientific base. Thanks to that foundation, Tuomas can effectively connect his evidence-based knowledge and practical coaching experience for the benefit of his clients.

Tuomas has also produced floorball research himself.  In his master’s thesis he studied the effect of 3vs3 floorball game and interval running training on endurance performance.

Date and place of birth
April 8, 1991, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Master of Sports Science
(Sports Biology), 2020
VEAT (Specialist Qualification in Coaching), 2018
Career as a coach
2012 O2-Jyväskylä (Head of Coaching for the club since 2015)
Career as a player
Steelers, O2-Jyväskylä, 2003-2016

Quick interview

Which five adjectives would you use to describe your personality? 

Hardworking, long-term, patient, positive and punctual.

Why should floorball players and teams pay a lot of attention to the content of their training?

Each player and team has their own starting points for development. The path to maximising an individual’s or a team’s potential passes through determined, and above all, quality training. 

By focusing strongly on planning, training can be optimized to suit your starting point and environment. We want to guide our clients to the path of the most effective development!

How would you describe your coaching ideology and style?

In coaching processes, I strive to achieve a situation where an athlete or a team is actively involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of coaching. The better we understand each other, the better results can be achieved. 

I also think it’s good to start by asking questions that start with the word “why”. Increasing understanding sharpens the purpose and improves the quality of training, and ultimately leads to excellent results. 

The pursuit of excellence and the continuous self-improvement are important values – for players, teams and the coaches as well. Reaching maximum potential is addictive and rewarding.

At the same time, we must remember the ultimate purpose of sport: in principle, we do it because we enjoy it. As we strive for excellence, we must remember to enjoy everything we love in floorball! 

What do you want to say to Floorball Nerds around the world?

While you do your training, remember to stop in between to think about what you do and why. If you want to exchange ideas about training and playing, let’s get in touch!