Briefly about Tiltu

Tiltu is a highly-reliable goalkeeper at her best age, who loves tight matches. If you need a goalkeeper in a decisive shoot-out competion, look no further! At the club level, she has played in the top floorball leagues in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Tiltu has shown in numerous places that she is a match-winning goalkeeper and undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Tiltu is best remembered for her dazzling performances in the World Championships and her way to depress her opponents  in the Finnish League. Tiltu is a two-time Finnish Champion. 

With an extremely sunny, energetic and happy personality, Tiltu was chosen as the best goalkeeper of the Finnish League in the 2018-2019 season.

Date and place of birth:
April 16, 1989, Porvoo, Finland
Favourite position:
Player number:
Current club:
Malmö FBC (Sweden)
Previous clubs:
PSS, NST, SB-Pro and Piranha Chur (Switzerland)

Quick interview

What makes you a Floorball Nerd?
Floorball is my way of life.

Why is floorball a pleasure (as we say here at Floorball Nerds)?
Floorball keeps me me in a good shape. I have met my best friends through floorball.