Briefly about Sofia

The youngest member of the Star Nerds is a true super talent. There are few floorball players who have been able to perform in the same level at the same age as Sofia Mittentag from Lahti. In the 2018-2019 season, Sofia shocked the Finnish floorball fans by ranking tenth on the Women’s Finnish Floorball League’s player statistics at the age of 16. In the 2020-2021 season she finished second. 

This dangerous and highly skilled left winger, playing from the right side, is the horror of even high-quality defenses and goalkeepers, since Sofia can generate both great finishes and stylish assists.

Sofia has a very interesting international background, as her father is from the United States and her mother is from Thailand. In addition to Finnish citizenship, Sofia also has a US passport. However, Finland can sigh with relief, as Sofia has already worn the blue and white jersey in international games.

Date and place of birth:
March 28, 2002, Lahti
Favourite position:
Left Winger
Player number:
Current club:
Previous clubs:
Pelicans SB, Lahti Royals and PHSB

Quick interview

What makes you a Floorball Nerd?
Skillful hands and passion for the sport.

Why is floorball a pleasure (as we say here at Floorball Nerds)?
In floorball, you get to show your skills and be creative. It brings joy for my everyday life through the sport itself and all my friends around it.