Briefly about Riikka

Riikka is a psychologist specialised in sports. She has coached individual athletes, teams and coaches in more than 15 different sports.

The strong foundation of Riikka’s expertise is her wide and deep knowledge base which she has gathered through two Master degrees, in both psychology and sports sciences. 

Riikka has had a diverse sports career of her own which makes working with athletes even more natural. In his childhood and teenage years his main sports were orienteering and football. Competitive sports are still a part of Riikka’s life, now in the form of crossfit.

In Riikka’s coaching, a team or an individual athlete can improve their own performance in a variety of ways by utilizing different mental skills.

Range of possible topics is wide, but among the most common ones are for example managing tension, improving concentration, maintaining motivation, and finding a balance between sports and other life.

Date and place of birth
August 14, 1991, Kuusankoski, Finland
Master of Psychology, 2017
Master of Sports Science, 2017
Valvira-certified psychologist, 2017
Career as a coach
Terveystalo (psychologist and sports psychologist), 2019-
Psychological service Focus (psychological coach), 2018-
Hintsa Performance (coach), 2018-
JTA Fitness (CrossFit coach) 2018-
CrossFit Jyväskylä (CrossFit coach) 2013-2017
Career as an athlete
Orienteering 1998-2003
Football 2004-2010
CrossFit 2013-

Quick interview

Which five adjectives would you use to describe your personality? 

Reflective, curious, honest, systematic and enthusiastic.

Why should floorball players and teams pay attention to psychological training? 

You can never know how much psychological training could improve your own performance or well-being if you never go to find out. There is a huge amount of potential in each of us on the mental side as well, and it would be a big shame if it was not used.

How would you describe your coaching ideology and style?

As a psychological coach, I work in an athlete-oriented way and strive to integrate different theories and practices for the benefit of my client.

In my coaching the priority is always on the person, not only the athlete, just like well-being goes over performance. When a person feels good, it also helps succeeding in sports. 

What do you want to say to Floorball Nerds around the world?

The most important thing is never victory or success, but the knowledge that you have done your best!