Briefly about Janne

Here’s a man who doesn’t need any introductions if you know anything about floorball. But let’s give it a go. When you talk about floorball legends, Janne Tähkä’s name is always one of the first ones to pop up – and for a good reason.

He is the father of the airhook (or the Zorro or the Michigan, what ever you want to call it). He delighted the audiences and angered his opponents with out-of-this-world skills, on both domestic and international fields. And Janne was not just a trickster, far from it. He was more then happy to take his teams to victories when they needed him most. 

In addition to his tremendous playing skills, Janne is known as a jolly fellow with great charisma. He was one of the few floorball players to be ALWAYS able to entertain his audience.

Date and place of birth: September 27, 1970, Helsinki Favourite position: Player number: 13 Current club: Josba (coach) Previous clubs: Pelipojat, Team Botby, Vikings, IBK Succé, HIFK, Josba, SSV, Kloten Jets, SPV, and PSS

Quick interview

What makes you a Floorball Nerd?
I became a floorball nerd after playing a small floorball tournament in a tiny school hall in the beginning of 90s in Ruokolahti, Helsinki. The feeling and excitement that all teams shared about floorball just got me chills. The hall was so small that you couldn’t take any running steps and that worked well for me. I guess I was relatively lazy and easy-going back then. 

Why is floorball a pleasure (as we like to say here at Floorball Nerds)?
Well, floorball is just simply enjoyable from the start to the end despite your role in the team. You will always get good vibes in floorball, as long as you remember to keep your mind happy and remember not to take the game too seriously.