Black Cobras want to improve

Why did your team start the coaching cooperation with Floorball Nerds?

The previous coach moved to Finland and we hadn’t found a new one for over a year. We were coaching the team with a few players but not all of us had enough time to keep doing it, so when we heard of Floorball Nerds, we decided to give it a try.

How has it worked out so far? What has it been like? How do you manage the communication between the Nerds' coach Tuomas and the team?

In my opinion it has worked out very well. Due to Covid-19 the season was interrupted but the trainings we’ve had were clear for all of us, thanks to the instruction videos.

And from the match analysis it was also nice to see what we did wrong but also what we already did right.

The majority of communication is taken care of between our captain and Tuomas but we’ve also done some group calls as a team with him for the match analysis.

How would you describe Tuomas as a coach?

He is a nice guy with loads of floorball knowledge. He focuses on the most important parts to make our team better.

Which short- and long-term goals do you have as a team? What is the role of Nerds' coaching in achieving these goals?

The short term objective is just to win games but for the long term we would like to develop a way of playing attacking floorball that works for all of us and that we can use to dominate teams that let us control the game.

We believe that Floorball Nerds will help us achieve these goals thanks to their detailed game analysis and training contents based on them.

Which things have you liked the most in the cooperation with Nerds?

The well organised training sessions which now have more structure than there was before.

In which sense has the coaching helped you so far?

There hasn’t been too many training sessions now due to Covid-19 but those we already had were very useful, including drills for example some basic skills we thought we knew but could improve a lot. 

For which reasons would you recommend coaching cooperation with Floorball Nerds to other teams?

Floorball is just a small sport in Belgium and since there are not many experienced coaches, Floorball Nerds is a good opportunity for us to develop our game without a coach physically present in our training sessions. Also the experience of higher levels of floorball is interesting and helps to improve on all areas.