About our coaching and its values


Floorball Nerds is a unique online floorball coaching service, founded in 2020.

It offers both individual players and teams at all ages and levels an opportunity to boost their development with Finnish professional coaches.

In addition to the actual floorball coaching named “The Game”, our comprehensive concept also offers expertise in physical and psychological sides of the sport.

There are many possible ways to enjoy our coaching and its benefits: your coaching is always built according to your wishes. Together we’ll find the best solution!

Our Mission - Your Next Level

Our mission is actually really simple: we are here to help floorball players and teams move on to their next level. We want you to reach your goals and dreams.

To make that happen, we want to be the missing piece of your own or your teams’ floorball puzzle. That of course means different things to different clients. 

But in every case it means getting professional help to the specific wishes and needs that each player or team always has. That is what we want to and will give.

Reaching dreams is not easy. It takes time, work and knowledge. But it also takes guts, motivation and determination. We are here to make difference for you in all of them.

Our Vision - Comprehensive Floorball Coaching

We want to be something that we think floorball as a sport has so far lacked: a comprehensive online coaching service for all players and teams, even fellow coaches. 

By comprehensive we mean especially that all the fundamental aspects of succeeding in the game of floorball are addressed in our services. 

We want to have an influence on how people think about coaching in our sport. We want to help spreading the word and meaning of comprehensive floorball coaching.

That is a story about understanding the versatility and a complex variety of factors affecting our performance and ability to succeed. You can improve in many ways.

Our Values with 4 E's - Expertise, Evidence, Effectivity, Equality

Expertise means that we know exactly what we do. You can always trust in our judgement and competence to find the best solutions for your development. 

Evidence means that we don’t guess, because we don’t need to. Our coaching is based on the fruitful combination of science and empirical experience. 

Effectivity means that with us you will never waste your time. Our training always has both quality and direction. Everything you do will have an impact on reaching your goals.

Equality means that it doesn’t matter if our clients are beginners or pros, what age they are, where they come from or anything else for that matter. For us all clients are equal.