For bodies to learn the language of floorball

Boost your floorball performance

Do you want to improve speed, strength or endurance? Perhaps them all? Our physical coaching for players and teams speaks the unique language of floorball. 

In physical training there is one common mistake: quality is forgot under quantity. Something is done but the direction of the training is missing.

Without a proper plan you might waste a lot of time. In the worst case your training will take you in a wrong direction. We don’t want it to happen.

Floorball is a tricky sport which asks a lot from our bodies. To maximise your ability in games you need your physical performance be up for it all the time.  

We offer all the players and teams professional physical coaching services, designed always for the needs of floorball. With us you won’t get lost. 

A successful floorball performance needs always a strong foundation. Hop in and release the physical potential in you or your team. There’s a lot of it.

Physical Nerd

Tuomas Pulkkinen

“I strive to achieve a situation where a player or a team is actively involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of coaching. The better we understand each other, the better results we will achieve together.”

Physical Nerd

Joel Wenning

“Our coaching starts by building a foundation of knowledge. By increasing awareness of goals, training and its purposes, players and teams can jump into the effective development process and assess it more accurately than ever before.”

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