Briefly about Tiltu

Goalkeeper coaching opportunities in floorball world took a huge step forward as we presented Tiltu as our new goalie coach. She remains a Star Nerd of course, but at the same time we get to call her proudly our Goalie Nerd. 

Tiltu is a coach who has a magnificent combination of relevant skills, experience and education to work with.   

With her long-term experience from the very top of the sport, Tiltu has so much to offer as a goalie coach in many respects. Tiltu knows what it takes to become a world class goalie and she is now ready to share that knowledge with goalies around the world to help them achieve their goals.

In addition to being a competent and an innovative coach with a top-level experience and a comprehensive set of skills and practices, Tiltu is also a physiotherapist and a physical trainer. For Tiltu’s clients it means an opportunity to get vital advice on athlete life and health as well.

As a personality Tiltu is an extremely sunny, energetic and happy, and you can be guaranteed to get a big lift to your mood always after talking with her. Tiltu has at the same time a very easy-going but also really determined attitude which forms a very useful combination for sports and life in general.

As a goalie herself Tiltu is a highly-reliable keeper at her best age, who loves tight matches. Tiltu is best remembered for her dazzling performances in the World Championships and her way to depress her opponents  in the Finnish League. Tiltu is also a two-time Finnish Champion. 

Date and place of birth
April 16, 1989, Porvoo, Finland
Physiotherapist (Uni. of Applied Sciences), 2012
Sports Physiotherapist specialising studies, 2019
Career as a coach
Malmö Floorball Academy (goalie coach), 2020-
Finnish Goalball National Team (physical coach), 2020
Mäkelänrinne Sports High School (individual training group coach), 2016-2020
Talent Camps (goalie coach), 2015-2019
Elixia Itäkeskus (personal trainer), 2014-2016
Career as a player
PSS, NST, Piranha Chur (SUI), SB-Pro, Malmö FBC, 2006- 
Finnish Women’s National Team, 2016-

Quick interview

Which five adjectives would you use to describe your personality?

Energetic, innovative, dedivated, relentless, supportive.

Why should floorball goalkeepers pay a lot of attention to a more individualised training?

It’s said that “a goalie is an individual athlete in a team”. In every position there’s a thin line between the qualities that make the difference. However, the position of a goalie differentiates itself the most from the rest, so there’s definitely a good reason to invest on individualised coaching (in both skill and physical training for goalies).

How would you describe your coaching ideology and style?

“With full effort but not too seriously.” Everything starts from the personal goals of the player or athlete. After going through them, together with my client we’ll find the right way to go. I am a supportive and motivating coach who likes to think ‘outside the box’. I think each of us knows how to train hard and a lot, but not many know how to train smart and effectively. This is where a skilled coach steps forward. Also, it’s important to be able to enjoy training.

What do you want to say to Floorball Nerds around the world?

Have a nice day!