Briefly about Aki

Our goalie coach Aki is not only one of the most promising floorball goalkeepers of all time. He is also already shining as a skilled goalie coach, who has a genuine will to help all the other keepers improve with him.

Besides being a Star Nerd, Aki is now also a Goalie Nerd for us. And he’s more than ready to take that step. For his age, Aki has an unbelievably strong experience from coaching, having coached already more than 50 individual goalkeepers in many circumstances.

In his coaching Aki has a versatile approach which is based on his big toolbox of different techniques and practices. He also understands well about the both physical and psychological demands of being a goalie. Above all, Aki has an awesome capability of find the right development tools for each individual. 

As a personality Aki is unusually mature for his age, and his smart thoughts and an ability for empathy can be noticed right from the first talks with him. He also brings around crackling attitude and spicy humor, and as you can imagine, with Aki time won’t ever be spent in dull conditions. 

Aki, aka “@floorballgoalie_1”, has, in addition to his actual floorball achievements, also managed to create one of the most well-known and most-followed social media presences in floorball. Aki has delighted his followers with his entertaining and versatile floorball content.

Date and place of birth 
May 22, 2002, Liminka, Finland
VOK1 (Finnish Floorball Federation Coaching Education, level 1)
Sports Psychology Course
Career as a coach
LNM (goalie coach, juniors) 2021-
LNM & other clubs (goalie coach), 2016-
Local Academy Coaching (goalie coach & mentor)
Selected Player Camp (goalie coach), 2020
Career as a player
LNM 2011-
Finnish U19 National Team, 2019-
Finnish U16 National Team, 2018

Quick interview

Which five adjectives would you use to describe your personality?

Analytical, emphatic, caring, goal-oriented, persistent

Why should floorball goalkeepers pay a lot of attention to a more individualised training?

Individual coaching is needed especially in order to be able to go through all the things that a goalie needs to do to succeed. Every goalie needs a companion with whom to plan, analyse and implement the things needed for effective development.

How would you describe your coaching ideology and style?

Every goalie is different. That’s why I won’t ever try to teach goalies into doing things always the same exact way. To give the best benefit for my client, in my coaching I always give as many personal tools for the future as possible.

What do you want to say to Floorball Nerds around the world?

Ponder, reflect and analyse. As life in general, floorball includes choices and situations which we shouldn’t just pass through as fast as possible. In both it’s important to process these things to learn and get the best possible benefit out of them.