Briefly about Aki

In addition to the cool breeze from the north, the latest reinforcement of the Star Nerd team brings us crackling attitude, spicy humor and, above all, acrobatically spectacular saves. He is undoubtedly one of the most promising goalkeepers of all time, who, despite his young age, dares to be himself. He doesn’t impress you with only his crazy sporting skills but also with his fresh, confident and genuine personality.

Aki lives in the northern parts of Finland, in Liminka where he plays for the local 1st division (Divari) team LNM. Incredibly, Aki started to practice with the same team when he was only 12-years-old. This child prodigy played his first 1st division matches at the age of 15. The debut would actually have come even earlier, but the competition rules prevented the “too young” player from making his debut in adult games. Aki has been the last lock and wall of LNM for years as well as in the Finnish U19 national team.

Aki, aka “@floorballgoalie_1”, has, in addition to his actual athletic achievements, also managed to create one of the most well-known and most-followed social media presences in floorball. When writing this introduction, he had around 6,500 followers in Instagram and the number is rising all the time. Aki has delighted his followers with his entertaining and versatile floorball content.

At the same time, the man has pointed the way to the phenomenon where floorball goalkeepers around the world have, one after another, have used the @floorballgoalie name in their Instagram account with a different serial number. The continuum, inspired by the example of Aki, has also undoubtedly strengthened the floorball goalkeeper community. Now all the people who fight to keep their goals safe from the raging balls (pun intended) can join the movement.

Date and place of birth:
May 22, 2002, Helsinki
Favourite position:
Player number:
Current club:
Limingan Niittomiehet (LNM)
Previous clubs:

Quick interview

What makes you a Floorball Nerd?
The mere fact that I have become a goalie probably explains a lot. I’ve been extremely enthusiastic and motivated bout floorball since I started it. You can see I’m a Floorball Nerd by looking at my social media accounts. I try to bring to floorball the much-needed social media visibility and self-branding.

Why is floorball a pleasure (as we say here at Floorball Nerds)?
Goalkeeping is a form of art. It requires being able to foresee and react, to implement one’s own style of play (which can be quite different from others) and to take responsibility. It’s really cool to see how the sport grows and develops. Because floorball is still so small globally, I want to be there to help the sport to grow.